AuctionPipeline Introduces Improved Vehicle Details Page

Continuing the evolution and improvement of AuctionPipeline, Auction Edge is excited to announce the release of an improved Vehicle Details page available to all users. The page retains the design and feel of the updated Vehicle Details page released last year, but includes a variety of value-added features to allow greater transparency of information from auction to dealer in an increasingly online industry. New features include:

Full width photo gallery

For those that have been AuctionPipeline users for more than a year, you may remember the old Vehicle Details page included a full-size photo gallery on each vehicle as you clicked into the images for a close up view. That feature is back, allowing for a virtual walk-around experience that is essential when buying vehicles online.




























Support for AutoGrade

AutoGrade is a relatively-new industry standard for vehicle condition data reporting that is designed to foster consistency throughout the auction industry. Using the familiar 1-5 grading system consistent with NAAA standards, AutoGrade’s damage assessment algorithm applies an objective scale to reported damages and assigns a grade to each vehicle based on that damage instead of grade-irrelevant vehicle data such as VIN, year, make, model or consignor name.

Fuel and drive type discrepancy indicators

The Vehicle Detail page will now visually show fuel type and drive type discrepancy indicators. For example, if the fuel type decoded from the VIN is different than what fuel type is entered by the auction at check-in the difference will be noted on the AuctionPipeline Vehicle Detail to alert potential buyers to contact the auction for further investigation.

Support for a new warranty type 

Vehicles that include a consignor warranty with purchase are indicated as such on the Vehicle Detail page. AuctionPipeline has added the Chrysler Capital warranty to applicable vehicles.

Look for the new Vehicle Details page on all AuctionPipeline vehicles at coming soon.


One Response to AuctionPipeline Introduces Improved Vehicle Details Page

  1. Bruce Wolff October 2, 2014 at 5:24 pm #

    Please send the following very important request to the Webmaster who designs and builds for the P.A.R. Market Report:

    Please consider adding a tool in the transactions tab page to align vehicles by mileage.

    This is a basic fundamental. I know of no dealer that uses any average. They want to simply align the transactions by mileage.

    Please let me know.

    Bruce Wolff
    Summit Automotive Group
    mobile- 803-609-2434