Seattle, WA – Auction Edge has introduced new pricing and discount opportunities: EDGE ASI Premier, a new pricing structure for Auction Edge’s ASI auction management system, and EDGE Complete, a monthly discount for customers who subscribe to two or more Auction Edge software platforms (EDGE ASI, Auction Pipeline, and Edge Simulcast).

The new ASI pricing structure changes the current “pay for each module” approach.  Instead, EDGE ASI Premier provides customers access to all of EDGE ASI’s non-integration modules at one low monthly price, including modules that an auction currently does not have.   Under EDGE ASI Premier, customers also will have access to new, regularly released ASI features and enhancements at no additional charge.

EDGE Complete offers a discount to current customers who subscribe to two or more EDGE software platforms.  For example, if you are an EDGE ASI customer and also subscribe to Auction Pipeline or EDGE Simulcast, there will be a monthly discount.

“Auction Edge customers have told us that reliability and predictability are important in both product and pricing, “ said Scott Heydon, Auction Edge’s Chief Operating Officer.  “EDGE ASI Premier and EDGE Complete help provide greater value to our customers while streamlining prices.”

“With Edge ASI Premier, our customers can benefit from many modules and software capabilities that they might not have previously unlocked – and they can do so at a predictable, low, monthly price,”Heydon, continued.   “We had already developed the software modules for EDGE ASI so the full suite is available to our customers at a low marginal cost.  If customers do not want to take advantage of the bundled offering, that’s fine — they can stay on their current plan.  But we think most customers will find EDGE ASI Premier a very attractive offering.”

“We had wanted to add the Digi-Doc module to our EDGE ASI system,” said Charlotte Pyle of Mountain State Auto Auction.  “We calculated that upfront software licensing fees were less expensive by subscribing to EDGE ASI Premier for ALL of the ASI modules then it would have been just to add Digi-Doc under our older pricing arrangement.”  Pyle continued,  “With the EDGE Complete discount, our monthly maintenance fee for all of the ASI modules actually decreased.”

Auction Edge is the unified technology platform and national marketplace of the independent auto auctions.  Auction Edge is committed to the development of technologies that help strengthen and grow the independent auto auction industry.  For more information, please contact:

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