Auction Owners & Northwest Business Leaders Set to Lead Auction Edge

AuctionPipeline has some big news! We’re now a piece of a bigger puzzle that will prove to be a game-changer in the industry. We’re short on details now, but happy to be part of the Auction Edge team. Here’s an excerpt below from an AutoRemarketing piece. Stay tuned for more details:

After speaking with company leadership on Tuesday afternoon, Auto Remarketing has discovered further details about the emergence of Auction Edge, which has acquired Auction Pipeline as well as Auto Lookout, and apparently isn’t finished making waves.AuctionPipeline

The company’s management includes top names in the auction business as well as former executives with Microsoft and Starbucks. Among the leaders is former National Auto Auction Association president Bob McConkey, who will be the chairman of the board at Auction Edge.

Leading Auction Edge is chief executive officer David Weld, whose background includes time at Microsoft. Auction Edge also plans to retain Auto Lookout’s Dan Diedrich and Auction Pipeline president Scott Finkle in senior management positions.

The chief technology officer of the company will be Mark Richardson, formerly with Starbucks.

The list of additional board members reads like a who’s who of auction leaders. Among other directors, the list includes John Brasher, Richard Gundy, Michael Hockett, John Luce, Charlotte Pyle, Henry Stanley, Ty Brewer, and Lynn Weaver.


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