AuctionPipeline Gains New Board Members

AuctionPipeline’s president recently revealed the two newest auction veterans who will serve on the organization’s board of directors.

Coming on to the board are Dave Angelicchio, of Pittsburgh Independent Auto Auction, and Henry Stanley, of Carolina Auto Auction. They replace Jeff Brasher, of Brasher’s Reno Auto Auction, and Jeff Barber, of State Line Auto Auction, who have served on the board since 2007.

AuctionPipeline's Scott Finkle

Scott Finkle, AuctionPipeline

“Jeff Brasher and Jeff Barber both played critical roles in the growth of AuctionPipeline,” insisted Scott Finkle, president of AuctionPipeline.

“Their contribution and insight has been of benefit not just to AuctionPipeline, but to the industry at large, and we appreciate their participation on our board of directors,” Finkle continued.

“We also welcome Henry Stanley and Dave Angelicchio to the board, as part of our restructuring process to expand representation to all parts of the country,” Finkle went on to say. “As leaders in the industry and owners of tremendously successful auctions, they bring understanding and foresight to the board that will continue to strengthen AuctionPipeline’s position in the changing environment of a digital world.

“Their years of experience in the industry will help take AuctionPipeline to a new level,” he added.

Finkle reported AuctionPipeline now includes 45 independent locations. He noted the number will grow by a half dozen by year’s end.

The AuctionPipeline executive also highlighted the website consistently lists 100,000 vehicles a week, representing more than 100 national and regional remarketers plus thousands of franchised and independent dealerships throughout the nation.

Furthermore, Finkle pointed out the growing number of registered and active users on AuctionPipeline: more than 30,000 dealers are registered and conducting business through the site on a weekly basis.

“AuctionPipeline plays a vital role in bringing buyers and sellers together at ServNet auctions,” said outgoing director Jeff Brasher.

“AuctionPipeline offers cutting-edge technology and multiple auction tools that are as effective as anything available in the industry,” Brasher added.

“The impact of AuctionPipeline on the industry cannot be underestimated,” Brasher emphasized.

In addition to PipelineSimulcast, PipelineEbid has recently been introduced as an online only sales channel for auction customers.

Finkle also stressed PipelineEbid takes its place alongside DealerBlock,, SmartAuction and OPENLANE as an important tool in upstream selling.

“PipelineEbid is the next natural step to take in providing relevant services to our customers in order for them to maximize their success,” Finkle concluded.

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