AuctionPipeline Expanding Market for ServNet Auctions

Continuing the evolution of how physical auctions operate, ServNet owners recently asserted the group’s focus on technology with the launch of a branding campaign that established AuctionPipeline as the Internet platform for ServNet auctions.

ServNet AuctionPipeline

Jeff Brasher, ServNet

“In emphasizing what we as ServNet auctions do to deliver auction service of the highest caliber to our customers across the country, we want to send a clear message that AuctionPipeline plays a vital role in bringing buyers and sellers together at ServNet auctions,” explained ServNet president Jeff Brasher.

“AuctionPipeline offers cutting-edge technology and multiple auction tools that are as effective as anything available in the industry,” Brasher continued.

ServNet reiterated that AuctionPipeline provides real-time auction sale information for 92 facilities nationwide, including operations in the ServNet group.

In addition to online buying and selling capabilities, AuctionPipeline can generate inventory reports, pre-sale lists, market reports, no sale lists, advanced vehicle search, custom auction reports and watch list notification features, according to officials.

Launched in 2004, officials recapped AuctionPipeline reached 3 million units sold in the first four years it was active and is currently exceeding 1 million vehicles sold annually.

“The impact of AuctionPipeline on the industry cannot be underestimated,” Brasher declared.

Brasher went on to note that in May of this year alone, ServNet auctions posted 65,000 vehicles for sale on AuctionPipeline.

Currently, 43,000 active franchise and independent dealers are registered to view and bid on that inventory at

Simulcast broadcast of auction events has been a staple of AuctionPipeline since the beginning, and the majority of online vehicle sales take place on PipelineSimulcast. Inventory consigned by new and used car dealers, fleet/lease and repo accounts, and manufacturers is available for online buying via PipelineSimulcast, running in 116 auction lanes at ServNet auctions every week.

“In addition to PipelineSimulcast, we are pleased to offer PipelineEbid as another sales channel for our customers,” said Brasher. “PipelineEbid is an exciting new option being offered by AuctionPipeline, that takes its place alongside DealerBlock, OVE, SmartAuction and OPENLANE as an important tool in upstream selling.”

“AuctionPipeline continues to develop site enhancements that will further solidify its role as the market leader,” said Brasher. “Coupling its selling channels with analysis and reporting capabilities, AuctionPipeline and ServNet auctions can provide remarketers with market data for all regions, coast to coast, enabling them to gauge performance strength at ServNet auctions across the country.”

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